SEI Climate Lectures 2021-2022

(italics titles are recorded lectures.)


April 22, 2022: Earth Day seminar

The SEI hosted a morning of Earth Day via zoom, 9-12 noon
There were 110 participants  The program is here

Recording of the event, (90 minutes, YouTube).

Panelists and their affiliations

Dr. Brian Johnston's suggested reading list

"Poisoned in LA: the Exide battery recycling plant"

Robina Suwol and California Safe Schools

TreePeople list of City Approved Trees


November 18: "California fires: better ideas in forest management and risk reduction—
from powerlines to microgrids"

October 21: “Addressing the sixth largest mass extinction in natural history”

September 16: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment: Is sustainability Possible?

August 19: The Challenge of the Climate Crisis

July 15: California Water