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Earth Month 2023:
SEI Events-Earth Day seminar April 28
9am-12 noon

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We will be looking at the fashion industry as well as many aspects of food from soil conservation to alternatives to the products of industrial agriculture.  Regenerative practices in farming and ranching get a close look.

The Film Series

The film series is hosted via the streaming platforms available to our LACCD libraries and the Los Angeles Public Library.  These are free and do not require commercial streaming subscriptions though some are on YouTube and Vimeo.  A LAPL card is also available online and can be used when selecting a film.  Links will take you to a short survey as well.  The film topics such as the climate crisis, the costs of the fashion industry, soil, seeds, food and regeneration.

9:00-9:40 AM     Professor Kenneth Pucker - fashion myths

There are many industry and investor sources on the size of the fashion industry, and trends, as well as its global nature, including fires in sweatshops (10 years ago was the Rana Plaza Disaster, NYT), mountains of used clothes in the Atacama desert in Chile, as well as sales of donated clothes in Africa. One of these focuses on measures toward sustainability.  We will learn what that really means.

Ken Pucker is an operator, advisor, investor, and educator with an abiding focus on sustainability and ESG. Ken is a Professor of Practice at the Tufts Fletcher School. In addition, Ken serves at Berkshire Partners as an Advisory Director, where he is a founding member of the firm’s Responsible Investment Committee.

Listen to the podcast in February 2022 with Ken Pucker on the myths of sustainable fashion (30 mins). Professor Pucker (Tufts University - Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) also has this article in the Harvard Business Review, The Myth of Sustainable Fashion.  

Ken is a published author in periodicals such as the Stanford Social Innovation ReviewInstitutional Investor and the Harvard Business Review.  Ken also is an investor and board member at Rag & Bone and serves on the boards of the Commonwealth School, Mighty Earth, and The High Meadows Institute.

Ken spent most of his professional career working at Timberland (formerly NYSE: TBL) serving as chief operating officer from 2000 to 2007.  During his tenure with the company, Timberland grew by ten-fold to over $1.6b in sales. 

Ken received a Master of Science in Business Administration from M.I. T’s Sloan School of management in 1990 and a B.S. from Middlebury College.


He lives in Newton with his wife Leslie and their two daughters.

McKinsey Corp Annual report on the Apparel sector, 2023

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