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Gold Creek Ecological Reserve
Little Tujunga Canyon

Call for Proposals:


The Gold Creek Ecological Reserve Committee invites proposals for individuals or teams who wish to develop learning activities to be used at Gold Creek Ecological Reserve. We are seeking increased opportunities for district instructors to bring students to Gold Creek and complete on-site activities that integrate into currently offered District courses. A stipend of up to $3,000 is available for qualifying proposals, upon successful preparation of the learning activity and reflection activity (if applicable).


Our goal is to increase student use of the Reserve by reducing/eliminating barriers that may currently prevent faculty from visiting the site with students. Proposals that are awarded will be expected to develop learning activities that can be used by class field trips from any of the 9 colleges with limited preparation required from an instructor. Secondarily, activities that can serve as faculty professional development by broadening or deepening our understanding of the site will receive extra consideration.


Gold Creek Ecological Reserve is a Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD/District) owned 240-acre parcel of chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and riparian oak woodlands located in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. A seasonal stream crosses the site, and current monitoring includes a multi-sensor meteorological station. The site is located within half hour to an hour drive of the majority of LACCD campuses.


Payment of Stipend is dependent on complete delivery of learning activities: purchasing of required supplies/equipment, Canvas or other online training component, written instructions, evaluation materials, student feedback surveys, and presentation of a faculty workshop to Gold Creek Committee members to provide training for its use/implementation.


For priority consideration, please submit your proposal by Friday, December 2, 2022. Notification is anticipated before the end of Fall Semester 2022, with selected proposers receiving a contract specifying the deliverables and timeline required to receive the stipend. Workshop presentation Canvas material completion is targeted by the end of Spring semester 2023. If more time is required for project development, please explain. Proposals will only be considered that are consistent with the values of Gold Creek remaining a wild area, with a limited human footprint as required for safe and equitable access and education.


Direct any questions (including request for a site visit) and completed proposals to: Mike Farrell, Professor of Geography (LACC) and Gold Creek Coordinator


Please Include:

Your name and role: Full-time, Adjunct, Discipline(s).


What subjects and courses would your activity serve?


Describe in a few sentences what students would experience with your activity.



Estimate the number of hours of instruction for your activity. Include and describe any off-site preparation required for a class visit, as well as the target on-site hours and any post-trip off-site hours.


What would the student capacity be for a single trip?


What is the expected learning outcome(s) for your activity?


Prepare a simple itemized budget that includes the total cost to develop, implement, and maintain your activity. Include a developer stipend ($3,000), initial equipment costs, and ongoing consumable costs per students.

Mike Farrell

Gold Creek Coordinator

Professor of Geography, LACC

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