More about us...


Our main immediate project is the communication of environmental news. We do so through our newsletter, speaker series and this website. We are especially interested in presenting local and statewide environmental news, which are often underreported in the media. And, of course, we share news about environmental programs at our colleges.

The Sustainable Environment Institute was formed in May, 2010, by leaders of the Los Angeles Community College District District Academic Senate and other concerned faculty to promote environmental awareness in the transfer curriculum, in job training programs, and in our daily practice at all nine colleges of the district. 

The continued viability of earth systems and society itself are under greater threats than ever before and require that we look more directly at the consequences of human actions. The need for a broad understanding of the environment and our impact upon it has never been more urgent. Our role as educators is crucially important in preparing the next generation to confront these challenges.


The Sustainable Environment Institute advances the principles of sustainable living through teaching, practice, and community participation in the belief that application of these principles will lead to an enduring and more equitable society.

The Sustainable Environment Institute will help coordinate the efforts of the nine LACCD colleges so that students, faculty,  administrators and staff have access to programs, courses, activities, and resources that enhance environmental awareness.