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We’re sorry for our irregular publication last semester (just one issue in October), but we were surprised to see another Facilities newsletter issue come out shortly after ours, and were afraid that, between the two of us, we were overwhelming you with sustainability news. We’d prefer a single, district publication, but the Facilities folks want to have their own. After further discussions with them, we now have an agreement not to write on similar topics. That way, you can be sure you’re not wasting your time reading both publications. We’ve asked them to stick to matters directly related to building, planning, and the district Clean Energy and Sustainability Plan, while we focus on academic matters and general environmental policy issues. Hopefully, you’ll find little overlap in our publications going forward.


This week we are completing our interviews for a second SEI co-director. The faculty member chosen will work with George Leddy, and the two will share a 1.0 year-round assignment (up from .2) It’s a big step forward for SEI, something we’ve wanted to see for several years. The extra time and a second director will allow us to accomplish a great deal more. 


In this issue, we’re introducing a guest column. Our first is a book review by Andrew Walzer, a Humanities professor at City. Please consider doing an article of your own. It could be another review, an opinion piece, or a reply to an earlier column. All we ask is that you address an environmental issue.

David Beaulieu

George Leddy

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