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Greenland Ice Melt

The news from Greenland is very troubling, as the ice melt in 2019 was double the average in the last eighteen years, with researchers d...

California fires

It's August 22 and there are hundreds of fires burning up and down California. Already this beginning of the "fire season" has seen m or...


Welcome to the SEI website. Here's who we are and what we're about...


We're LACCD educators deeply concerned with the state of the environment and passionate about the need to raise the level of environmental awareness among our students. 


The magnitude of the problems the world faces could not be clearer. The climate emergency stares us right in the face, as witnessed by recent cataclysmic fires in California and Australia, but air pollution, water scarcity, endangered ecosystems, and the prospect of widespread species extinction are also enormous challenges.


The coronavirus that is now convulsing our society in countless ways is itself a sign that we can’t continue into and destroy wild places without paying a terrible price.


A broad understanding of the environment and the human impact upon it has never been more vital, and the district community should be more deeply involved in that pursuit.


Our main immediate project is the communication of environmental news. We do so through our newsletter, speaker series and this website. We are especially interested in presenting local and statewide environmental news, which are often underreported in the media. And, of course, we share news about environmental programs at our colleges.


SEI is about more than communication, however. We work to expand district environmental studies/sciences classes and programs and we coordinate district participation in the Southern California Marine Institute at the Los Angeles Harbor. We are also installing a weather/air quality station at East LA College, with the hope of setting up a districtwide system (see recent SEI Reports). 


We urge you to make use of this website, which includes an ample library of relevant articles from both national and international sources, as well as links to numerous environmental organizations. 


We keep our blog current, and you can access it immediately below. Click on the caption bubble logos below each post.


If you would like to join us in any of our projects, please contact us. We welcome the participation of administrators and staff, as well as faculty from all disciplines. Broad public education is essential to the health of our beleaguered planet, and we all have a role to play. Join us! 

George Leddy and David Beaulieu, on behalf of the SEI Steering Committee


August 26, 2020


Please see the About page for more information about SEI and a list of our committee membership.



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