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A new year and new challenges and goals

To our readers, friends, and colleagues,

As we begin the year 2022, many challenges lie ahead that will require that we increase our knowledge of the myriad environmental problems and crises that face us as faculty, students, and staff in higher education.  We are happy to now have a new co-director with Beth Abels (Pierce) and a new colleague for our cyber presence, Xiao Behlendorf (Valley). 


April 22, 2022: Earth Day seminar

The SEI hosted a morning of Earth Day via zoom, 9-12 noon
There were 110 participants  The program is here

Recording of the event, (90 minutes, YouTube).

Panelists and their affiliations

Dr. Brian Johnston's suggested reading list

"Poisoned in LA: the Exide battery recycling plant"

Robina Suwol and California Safe Schools

TreePeople list of City Approved Trees

Earth Day flyer 2022 (final Tuesday).jpg

George Leddy
Beth Abels

Xiao Behlendorf

David Beaulieu

April 27, 2022