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A new year and new challenges and goals

To our readers, friends, and colleagues,

As we begin the year 2022, many challenges lie ahead that will require that we increase our knowledge of the myriad environmental problems and crises that face us as faculty, students, and staff in higher education.  

The SEI has been working on several important projects even since our COVID seclusion.  Thanks to Zoom, we have attended a series of meetings with District and non-District staff and supporters covering three important areas: climate curriculum in the LAUSD; outdoor and ecology training for our students, beginning with fire management and ultimately to careers in conservation; and, closer to home, working with LACCD Facilities at District and campus levels to enhance educational experience for students in architecture and engineering.  In the Spring semester we are looking to set up sustainability committees at all nine campuses.  We have made progress in all three of these which we report on in the upcoming issue of SEI Reports.  

LAUSD Climate Curriculum Resolution

This effort is part of the Climate Reality Project that promotes climate education and action globally (link has all the informatin).  The statewide effort to fund climate curriculum in K-12 public schools has been submitted to the Board of Education in Sacramento.  Thanks to enormous effort by Lucy Garcia and a dedicated group of educators and administrative folks in the LAUSD, as well as LACCD and CSUN, we are now ready to carry our own resolution to the LAUSD Board this coming week, January 18-21.  Lawmakers are drafting budget plans for the 2022 session, and this is our chance to get heard.  Climate Literacy MUST be part of California's funding strategy this year!  The statewide resolution provides the support for this project in this, the second largest school district in the country.

We are asking for support from LACCD faculty to bring the resolution to a favorable vote.  These students are our future students in community college.  The degree of climate curriculum across all disciplines can only help us in our task to improve and update what we have to offer in the LACCD.  Much hinges on this moment given new funding from the governor’s office for climate and education.  The LAUSD are not eager to hire new teaching and ancillary staff to develop and implement the climate curriculum given the current hiring freeze.  However, the curriculum has been developed in other California school districts making adoption easy.  The instructional staff and their assistants can be paid for with the new funds.  We must press for this resolution.  

Here are the specifics:
Write a letter to be sent via e-mail before the January 18 Board meeting and leading up to the February 5 meeting when the resolution comes up for a vote.  
Climate Literacy CALL TO ACTION is now ready to sign and share!  The letter can be found here: .pdf for the PowerPoint here.  Items received by 5 p.m. the day before the meeting will be distributed to all Board Members.
● email all Board Members at, or

● use the US Mail at 333 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90017, or

● leave a phone message at (213) 443-4472, or

● send a fax to (213) 241-8953.

Organizations can also sign on as the SEI has done via this link:

We will have much more to report in the upcoming newsletter.  

George Leddy
David Beaulieu

January 16, 2022