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Welcome to the SEI website...

We have some excellent SEI news to report. After ten years of very modest funding (.2, the equivalent of seven hours a week), we have finally been approved for substantially more. The Chancellor and DAS have combined to award us 1.0, a five-fold increase. This has allowed us to double George's reassigned time, and we'll soon bring on a second faculty member to work alongside him. We will now be able to dramatically increase our efforts in several areas. 

We want to thank Chancellor Rodriguez and the DAS, especially DAS President Echeverri, for their support and their recognition of the importance of environmental education in LACCD.

(Please see the About page for a detailed description of our goals and vision.)

Meanwhile, George is giving a series of superb lectures on a wide range of environmental issues. Slides and videos as well as recorded lectures can be accessed on the Teaching Resources Page.  Talks in October and November will address the mass extinction of species and California fires.

We are also meeting every two weeks with Dr. Rueben Smith, the LACCD Vice Chancellor of Facilities and his team to plan ways in which we can work together to implement the district's ambitious Sustainability and Energy Plan, adopted last year.

In October, we'll have Architecture and Engineering faculty leaders join us for a second time and look at ways in which they can work with Facilities to enhance the education of their students.

It's been an exciting year for SEI.

Please follow our activities, as reported here, on our Facebook page, and in our newsletter.

David Beaulieu

September, 2021

Previous SEI lectures on Climate are now hosted on this page.