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Sustainable Environment Institute

Los Angeles Community College District



Welcome to the SEI website...


We're LACCD educators deeply concerned with the state of the environment and passionate about the need to raise the level of environmental awareness among our students. 


The magnitude of the problems the world faces could not be clearer. The climate emergency stares us right in the face, but air pollution, water scarcity, endangered ecosystems, and the prospect of widespread species extinction are also enormous challenges.


The coronavirus that has convulsed the world all year is itself a sign that we can’t continue to invade and destroy wild places without paying a terrible price.


A broad understanding of the environment and the human impact upon it has never been more vital, and the district community should be more deeply involved in that pursuit.

Please see the About page for more about our activities, and follow our blog postings. We welcome your comments.

George Leddy

David Beaulieu

December, 2020