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Our website now offers additional resources for remote teaching 


Lecturing via Zoom for this last year has shown us that we need to vary our presentation even more when teaching remotely on environmental issues. Fortunately, the SEI website ( has a page dedicated to free materials from many different sources. It’s a veritable library of videos, images, infographics, and even mini-courses and powerpoint slides. 


For those familiar with the Geographic Information Systems platform, the ESRI-ArcGIS is the most popular system and it's used in district GIS classes. Now ESRI offers an online system called StoryMap.  It is used by many online publishers of a wide range of materials (for example, the New York Times). The Stanford Geospatial Center uses a StoryMap to teach people online how to use the Google Earth Engine, a very powerful mapping and data gathering system. 


Maven’s Notebook, an almost daily California water blog, is the best source for current information on state water issues. Now the site offers material for teaching a California Water 101 course. There are five modules, covering water infrastructure, groundwater, the Delta, planning, and water rights. 

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