Making the Connection

Ida slams into Louisiana at 150 mph, the fifth most powerful in recorded history, and the LA Times has not one word to say about how global warming is intensifying hurricanes. Not one word! (At least, in the long, feature article currently online.) The Post, on the other hand, has an excellent piece (below), pointing out that parts of the Gulf of Mexico are a startling three to five degrees Fahrenheit warmer than twenty years ago. Sea rise and warmer water are a sure-fire bet for more intense hurricanes. The IPCC reports that the oceans in general are warmer than any time since the end of the last ice age. How do you responsibly cover Ida and not mention that--not make that a major part of your story? I just don’t get it.

The Times continues to puzzle me. Their coverage of local and statewide climate and energy news is excellent. Their many climate emergency editorials are passionate, lucid, and powerful. But when it comes to national and international climate news, they say little to nothing. The paper doesn't come close to what you'll find in the Post or NY Times, let alone the wonderful Guardian, far and away the best English-language newspaper in the world for climate news. I wonder if ANY paper in any language can match them.

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