Is the Political Will there for Glasgow?

Updated: Sep 3

One big worry of mine is whether we can find the political will for Glasgow to be a success. The issue has both domestic and international aspects. Recent US polling is not encouraging, as attitudes toward the climate emergency have not changed AT ALL since May, according to a recent poll. This in spite of a summer full of fires, heat waves, and flooding. Excactly what does it take to get the attention of 60% of Americans? How could the numbers not have moved? Are conservatives so completely isolated on social media that they haven't noticed the news? It's as if nothing will move the needle.

Internationally, it's very, very hard to see China, Russia, Brazil, or Saudi Arabia cooperating fully with the new US drive to reduce emissions so that we can meet our targets of a 45-55% reduction by 2030. Really, how could things be worse than right now between China and the US and Russia and the US?

The meeting between John Kerry and his Chinese analogues have just concluded, and I suppose the news could be worse. China is certainly sounding tough, insisting on linkages between climate accords and other issues, such as trade and human rights. Hopefully, very hopefully, this is political posturing and bluster, and Xi and others recognize that it is in their interest as well to take bolder steps, especially in reducing their planned expansion of coal production.

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