A recent article in WaPo on carbon tax

My students have to write an essay at the end of the semester on what best policy or groups of policies will help us (humanity, Americans?) bring about the fastest reversal of the climate trend. We used to (in more luxurious days of yore) compare the carbon tax to the cap-and-trade system we have in California. Now we have a longer list that includes divestment, green new deal, and geo-engineering, as well as the first two. It used to be that liberals supported the carbon tax and conservatives preferred the more "market friendly" cap and trade approach. Then came climate denial and the discussion seemed arcane. But now the tables are turning with a significant number of conservative economists preferring the tax. One main reason is the certainty of the tax and its possible method of "putting a price on carbon", which is what many in the financial world would like to see. Today the WaPo has an article on the embrace of the carbon tax by.... the fossil fuel industry.

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