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David Beaulieu has stepped back from the role he has had for the last three years. In that time he has been key in making our newsletter a high quality vehicle for sharing important stories on climate, as well as more local stories and events often focused on activism here in Los Angeles. David wants to devote more of his time to political work, but he will continue to contribute well-researched and carefully written pieces as you can see from this issue.


We are also moving away from a quarterly publication schedule to a monthly one. This will allow for a shorter newsletter and a new feature: events in and around Los Angeles that have important environmental content. The site has offered this often updated page which we will now share in the newsletter. We plan on featuring a Facilities section in future issues as well as "student voices" where we will post short articles written by students in the LACCD.


Our two new team members are my new co-director Beth Abels, who teaches architecture at Pierce LA College and our cyber expert from Valley College, Xiao Behlendorf.



Beth Abels


Our college campuses and district are a powerhouse for change. The Sustainable Environment Institute does and will play a vital role in addressing and providing resources on; climate justice, resilience, regeneration, equity and a reimagined future. 

I am thrilled to be part of this. I hope to help develop opportunities for faculty, staff and students to know and grow their capacity for positive impact on our environment. As an architect, and architectural professor, I get to meld the worlds of science and art. I look forward to supporting a multidisciplinary perspective of sustainability. 


As Co-Directors, George Leddy and I will be working together to make SEI a meaningful resource for our community. Please let us know how we can support you.



Xiao Behlendorf 

I am really excited to join SEI in spring 2022 to work on special projects. I am currently working on stand-alone canvas modules and resource guide for faculty and students. The first one is on climate justice. The canvas module (in development) is available at, and the Environmental Racism and Environment Justice Resource Guide (draft) is available for preview at Next up is a module and resource guide on sustainability and food.   


I welcome your comments on the module and resource guide, and suggestions for future module topics. I can be reached at

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